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05-05-2018, 19:14
A mechanic's job is a dirty one that includes working with tools and auto parts coated with gunk and grime. These tips comes from real people who wash real mechanics' shirts, pants, and coveralls.

As you probably know from experience, what works for one person may or may not work for you but these are worth a try! Effectiveness will depend on variables such as your water quality (soft vs hard), washer type (top loader/front loading) & of course stains themselves.
Some remedies might surprise you - like using dish soap to remove stubborn oil-based greases; others already exist in the kitchen: vinegar + baking soda=fizzy lifting agent wave hello goodbye to some tough grease stains on workwear gear (https://workwearmag.com/).

Using dishwashing detergent to get rid of grease and oil from your clothes

A regular Dawn liquid soap can be used for pre-treating spots or soaking entire garments. To use it, you should treat the spot or garment with a little bit of dish washing detergent then let sit for 5 to 15 minutes before proceeding with machine wash in hot water (depending on label instructions).

Soda pop

One mechanic's trick for getting grease stains out of clothes is to soak them in a tub or bucket with Coca-Cola®. Make sure that the workwear clothing (https://www.reddit.com/r/Workwear_Magazine/) is covered by 2 to 4 liters, and let it sit overnight before washing as usual the next morning. It also works when you pour some Coke into your washer along with detergent and water on top of any other dirty laundry loads - people have said their smelly workwear looks like new after this treatment!

A variation of this tip from one source I read says put oily greasy work clothes into a container then add two litres worth of coke (or preferably coca cola). Add enough water so the items are submerged but not too much; allow these garments to.


Fels-Naptha is a heavy duty laundry bar soap that gets out grease stains before washing. It's cheap, and it has a good track record for getting the job done! Wet your stain with water, then rub this greasy substance onto the soiled area of your clothes - be sure to use an old toothbrush if needed. (As a side note: Fels-Naptha removes poison ivy resin from clothing.)

Lestoil or Pine-Sol

The best way to get rid of a grease stain is by dabbing it with Lestoil® or Pine-Sol®, then laundering as usual. Make sure you pull the garment out before transferring any other clothes into the dryer, and remember not to put anything in there that might melt.


Cooking can be boring and laborious, but it's often been said that the messiest part is cleaning up. Luckily we have some helpful tips on how to keep your kitchen clean at all times! Cornstarch has many uses in a household-- from thickening sauces to making pie crusts flaky.

It also happens to remove stains by absorbing any residue left behind after its initial contact with an object or fabric surface- especially older set-in stains which are notoriously difficult for other cleaners like bleach or oxyclean remover chemicals do not work as well due to their high acidity levels and heavy alkalinity respectively . So next time you're looking for ways of keeping yourself more organized during cooking sessions, remember corn starch: never forget this versatile

Be prepared

One last bit of advice from Tom and Ray, popular Car Talk radio show hosts. Be prepared for the occasional defeat in battle with your workwear clothes (https://t.me/s/workwearmag) because sometimes you won't get out all the stains but if you start degreasing as soon as possible then it should be easier to remove them later on. The longer a grease stain remains on your clothes,the harder they are to take off so don't procrastinate!