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16-04-2018, 14:06
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Paralayang Tour has been presented in Ponorogo, precisely in the area of Gede Hill that is located in the Tatung Village, Balong District. Located 25 kilometers south of Ponorogo downtown, this paralayang destination will be the only extreme sport in Ponorogo. Many people recognize the beauty of Gede Hill. This hill is the most fitting for paralayang tours because in addition to the beauty, in this hill is also a gust of wind that felt when we are in the hill as high as 265 mdpl.

Gede Hill is a unique hill because it can be used as a paralayang place in every season. Beginning of the idea for this paralayang sport since late 2017 last. On January 21, 2018 there was a paralayang board from the provincial government that did a survey and it turned out that this place was worth using. The existence of paralayang tour in this village could open up the chances of raising the standard of living for local people.

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Hopefully this new tourist destination can boost the existing tourism potential in Ponorogo. It is also encouraged to the local people to participate actively in the development of this tourist area of Gede Hill in order to the purpose of selecting paralayang athletes can be achieved, because so far there has been no paralayang athletes from Ponorogo.

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