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11-04-2018, 10:57
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Anyone who has been to religious tourism in Gorontalo district may see the Museum of Indonesian Wooden Fossil Center in Bongo Village. Batudaa Pantai District, Gorontalo Regency, this is known as one of the villages that has a combination of religious values ​​and strong customs. In this village, there is a wooden fossil museum that had been fossilized millions of years ago.

Yosep Tahir Ma'ruf, owner and founder of the establishment of this museum, told that the land where this museum stands, was also known as Religious Tourism Villageof the Kingdom of Bubohu because the area was once part of the Kingdom of Bubohu that led by King Ma'ruf. The presence of this museum was originated from the revelation that was revealed by King Ma'ruf to him through whisper. The whisper that he heard was: "Do something to build a village or in this case your hometown, before we talk about the development of a great nation and the world." With the promptings of the revelation, around 2001, he began to build the tourist site.

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Now, in the tourist location, there are dozens of species of wood lined up neatly and they become a fossil. These wooden fossils have finally made this location the Museum of Indonesian Wooden Fossil Center. These wooden fossil fragments were collected from several scattered in Gorontalo, whose locations could not be mentioned one by one.

The petrified wooden fossils are estimated to be millions of years old. According to them, this wooden fossil occurred due to volcanic eruption in ancient times. The wood was thrown by the hot lava, then buried in the ground to harden and become a wooden fossil.

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The visitors at the entrance will meet this museum which is located right in the courtyard of the Religious Tourism Village of Bubohu Kingdom. There is free of charge at all to enjoy and pose on the religious tour. So, not infrequently this tour is busy visited, both morning and afternoon. Visitors not only do relax, but also learn the history of Gorontalo civilization and archeology that is suitable for students and researchers.

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