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05-03-2018, 13:27
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If Yogyakarta has a digital destination ith "Kakilangit Market", then Lampung has "Tahura Market". This market is located in the area of Wan Abdurahman (Tahura) ​​Forest Park or precisely in the Hurun Village, Hanura, Pesawaran District. This tourist destination among young people that known as "Youth Camp" is, now began to crowded with travelers. Tahura market exists because of the situation, although Lampung actually has a lot of tourism potential, but some tourist destinations are not explored with the maximum. Whereas the government has built various facilities supporting tourism.

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Opened every Sunday, starting at 7:00 am to 3:00 pm in Youth Camp, Tahura Market has many tourist attractions, ranging from typical Lampung culinary, unique photo spots, up to culture performances every week. The Tahura market is in the same direction as Kulian Bay Marine Tourism, where there are Pahawang, Kelagian, Tanjung Putus, Tegal Island and Klara Beach. Around Tahura Market, there are two waterfalls, one single waterfall, and the other seven level waterfall that is called Youth Camp Waterfall.

Only by paying entrance ticket for 2,500 Rupiah with fee of motorcycle park about 2,000 Rupiah, or car park about 3,000 Rupiah, every tourist can feel the trip in instagramable place complete with waterfall scenery which is still very natural. Even visitors can also camp around the location of the market then treking to the waterfall. But camping equipment needs to be brought alone.

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