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27-02-2018, 12:00
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Kampoeng Anggrek in Sumberpetung, Sempu Village, Ngancar Subdistrict, Kediri Regency, East Java, can be a tourist destination that must to be visited. In this place, various types of orchids are complete, as well as the facilities supporting the tour. That's because Kampoeng Anggrek not only focusing on orchid cultivation, but also seedlings to market place. All sectors can be enjoyed in the same place.

Merging between education and tourism is making the difference as well as the main strength of tourism on the slopes of Kelud Mountain. Even, this tourist attraction has been established since 2016 has an orchid laboratory, specializing in tissue culture. So, it is not surprising if the expanse of the garden spread wide to reach 400 hectares in order to accommodate all the lines. For the collection of orchids, there are 20 species consisting of dendrobium, phalaenopsis, vanda, cymbiddium, oncidium, cattleya, and several other species. From each species, that is cultivated to produce thousands of plants.

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Seedlings and cultivation are done in a large green house and the number is spread over several points. Green house for breeding and cultivation is closed for visitors. But there is also a green house that is designated as a showroom with dozens of orchids. At the showroom, visitors can enjoy variety of orchids from the longer rising or famous, such as Dendrobium, until orchids with unique form to rare, such as tiger orchid and cane orchid that have a height of up to 3 meters. These orchids are the largest orchid in the world.

Visitors can also vent their satisfaction with orchids by visiting the orchid supermarket. This place presents variety of orchids that display on the table. Colorful orchid flowers such as yellow, white, purple, red, become an exotic treat. In addition to orchids, there are also provided variety of other ornamental plants. Ornamental plants are sale complete with planting equipment, such as pots and planting media. Not a few of visitors look to use it for taking "selfie". Not infrequently visitors also choose and sort to take home as a souvenir. The price of orchids in the place are sale with fairly affordable price range of 35,000 to 750,000 Rupiah depending on the variant and type.

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There are also supporting facilities that quite entertaining, including rides games for children, rabbit park, meeting place, hydroponic vegetable center, and a giant gorilla sculpture that is made of corn. This gorilla statue becomes one of the favorite points for visitors to take "selfie" photo. For those who love adventure, visitors can also walk around the gardens by the transport of a special wood car. This vehicle takes visitors around the plantation area. This tourist attraction is enough to suck the interest of tourists to visit it. On an ordinary holiday like Sunday, the number of visitors reaches 3,000 people. The amount of visitors will increase on a long holiday.

Satisfied enjoying the treats, fatigue can be treated with food and drinks provided at Pujasera. This culinary center serves local food and beverages at an affordable price. Among the beverages, there are provided passion fruit extracts of their own processed and own gardens. Visitors who want souvenirs of fruit can also easily get it.

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This tourist location is at the foot of Mount Kelud and it is only 7 kilometers from its peak. Distance from the center of Kediri City is about 25 kilometers, located east of downtown Kediri. Paved road access is wide and in good condition. Although the location is at the foot of the mountain, there is no incline or twist that sharp curve, so the way is quite safe for various types of vehicles.

To be able to enter this tourism, visitors are only charged ticket 7,000 Rupiah per head and operating hours is starting at 08.00 WIB until 16.00 WIB. The additional cost of a wooden car ticket is 10,000 Rupiah per passenger.

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