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25-12-2017, 01:15
Because I come from Bangka Belitung, first of all I want to introduce first to my friends all in this blog is my own area.

I come from Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung Islands Bangka Island, because I was born and raised in this island, of course there are many places I have visited.

The beauty of nature, the charms and the best photo spots in my area, is very nice and beautiful and very I recommend for friends lovers of traveling.

I admit, Bangka Belitung began to be known by most of my friends must all of the movie Laskar Pelangi.

The film that had become a box office in Indonesia is very clear describes the beauty of nature and beaches in this Bangka Belitung.

I am sure, for friends of lovers who have ever watched this movie, definitely want to see and come here soon, Bangka Belitung this.

This time, I will not write about the beaches in Bangka Belitung this, because as an illustration, friends have been able to see it from the movie Laskar Pelangi.

I will tell you about a place that is very nice and beautiful in my opinion, let alone used to place photos.

Lake Kaolin name. Kaolin lake is not formed naturally, but it can be said as artificial lake.

However, although called an artificial lake, it can not be said to be entirely an artificial lake.

Kaolin Lake formed by tin mining.

Bangka Island is known as a tin-producing island, therefore many places that used to be former tin mines become or ultimately form a lake by itself.

Dunia Asa