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25-12-2017, 01:12
Berkah Rent Car Blessing at Jalan Melati No 497 Bukit Merapin Pangkalpinang City. It has 5 fleet of 3 MPV All New Avanza units in 2015, and 2 units of Grand New Avanza MPV 2016.

In addition to the type of MPV, Berkah Rent Car also provides 1 unit of LCGC Alya car in 2014, which is perfect for you who go on vacation together with a partner, in addition to this small car, agile but also economical.

As for the rental costs offered by Berkah Rent Car in my opinion is very affordable. In fact, when compared in other cities, car rental fee on the island of Bangka is cheap.

Rent Car's fee or rental fee is:

1x 24 hours (Unlock / No Driver):
1. For MPV All New Avanza Rp. 250,000
2. For New Grand Avanza MPV Rp.300.000
3. For LCGC Alya Rp.250.000

Whereas if including Driver:
The cost or the rental fee is the same as above while for the driver service per 12 hours Rp.150.000

For those of you who do not want complicated and calculate the package, namely:
1 Package = Driver + Gasoline + Car:
- Grand New Avanza MPV = Rp.650.000 (driver 12 hours)
- MPV All New Avanza = Rp.600.000 (driver 12 hours).

For reservations please contact Car Rental at:
- 0813 6747 7552
- 0852 7364 2486
- 0819 2911 4667
Pangkalpinang Blessing Car Rental
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