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29-09-2017, 10:50
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Do not have plans for the weekend? Batu city could be the good choice. There is an exciting outdoor arena that is very much instagenic. Bulu Bulu Hill is located in Oro-oro Ombo Village in Batu District. The location is still adjacent to the spectacular waterfall, Coban Rais Stone. Not just a pretty sight, Bulu Batu Hill has a flower garden that is formed with the variation colors of flowers along the side of the hill. Bulu Batu Hill has a very popular instagrammable corner, namely the viewing post. This viewpoint features a green landscape toward a forest that stretches in front of Bulu Hill.

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Bulu Hill not only has beautiful scenery, but also has the viewing post that is made of wood with the form of writing I LOVE U. No wonder, this place is perfect for couples who want to take photos instagenic. Not just romantic, Bulu Hill also has a variety of exciting activities. Traveler who like the challenge can try to play bike at altitude. The bike will be tied with a rope through a thin trajectory over the air. Not only yourself, the traveler can play the bike at an altitude with friends.

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Not only bicycles, traveler can also play swing at altitude. No need to worry about falling, because these games are equipped with safety. Traveler who want to take pictures with friends can try hanging swing vehicle. The hammock is hung from top to bottom between two trees. Due to being installed in a flat, travelers who want to climb to the top of the hammock must climb with the help of a rope.

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To play in Bulu Hill, traveler must spend 7,500 Rupiah per person with parking fee 2,500 Rupiah for motorcycle. This tourism also provides photo services from the manager at a cost of 10,000 Rupiah for one snap. For additional photos, the traveler will be charged 5.000 Rupiah per photo.

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04-12-2019, 17:45
This tourist attraction has reach 1000 masl height. And is in Coban Rais area, precisely at Coban Rais hill .

There are so much can be done inside the Garden, from rock climbing to zipline, to cycling on a zipline. And all the actions are captured by a team of photographers, who would tell you how to pose! The mountain nearby forms a very nice background.

Its a wonderful effort to transport the landscape with various photo spots intended for family or couples fun. However the downside is that every spot needs to pay an entrance fee.

The location of Bukit Bulu Batu Flower Garden is quite difficult to reach. Access the road is quite complicated and narrow. So to be able to get to this tourist attraction, the visitors can use a motorcycle. It is even recommended to walk to get to the tourist sites.