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28-09-2017, 12:42
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People of North Kalimantan don't know much if in the border region of Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan with Malaysia has some beautiful beaches with clean brown sand. Batu Lamampu Beach and Kayu Angin Beach are two interconnected beaches that located in Sebatik Island, Nunukan District, North Kalimantan. Both coastlines are restricted by small islands, remaining coastal abrasion processes. The sloping coastline with its clean brown sand is the main attraction of these beaches for visitors.

If the weather is sunny, the sky blue color contrasts with the color of the clean brown sand beach will present a beautiful blend of scenery. Dozens of miles from the beach, visitors can see bagang fishermen who are in Ambalat waters. In the evening, they will look like fireflies in the middle of the sea when fishermen start installing petromak lamps for fish and shrimp pullers to enter in the fishermen's nets they put in bagang. Batu Lamampu Beach and Kayu Angin Baech have coastline as far as 3 kilometers. The clean brown sand is the best fun to walk on foot or by motor.

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The two beaches are located on Sebatik Island, an island that is divided between Sebatik Indonesia and Sebatik Malaysia. From Tawau City, Malaysia, both beaches can be reached only 30 minutes by speed boat. While from the capital of Nunukan District, it takes approximately one hour by ferry KM Manta. KM Manta also has a certain schedule to make the crossing to Sebatik Island. By paying only 19,000 Rupiah plus 10,000 Rupiah for motorcycle ticket, we can visit the two beaches are still virgin.

At the end of the beach, we can enjoy the gazebo facilities as well as a place to rest on a hill where people call it the Lamampu Stone. "Batu Lamampu" in the language of the tribe of Dayak Tidung is a rock that will not drown even though the sea is in high tide.

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Some food traders are also seen opening their stalls among the gazebos. They claim to open a full week even though on a typical day sometimes there are no visitors. Prices for the food and beverages they offer are also no different from the prices in general. These merchants and local people are guarding the cleanliness around the gazebo building at Batu Lamampu Beach and Kayu Angin Beach.

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