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21-08-2017, 10:25
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When looking for places of photos that are "instagramable", tourism object of Gebang Hill that is located in Nangka Village, Air Gegas Subdistrict, South Bangka Regency can be an option. Tourism on the hill is still relatively new developed in the island of Bangka. When arriving the top of Gebang Hill, the landscape looks like many big trees such as durian trees, pepper, rubber, etc. that are belonging to residents growing on the edge of the hill. When sunny, we will be able to see the ocean to the north. Tourism object of Gebang Hill offers views from the heights like in Kalibiru, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Tourists can choose several available spots, such as on a tree or spot with label "I Love U".

Gebang Hill is located about 72 kilometers from Pangkal Pinang City. From the edge of Pangkal Pinang - Toboali KM 72 highway, tourists will travel about four kilometers before arriving at Gebang Hill. Head of Nangka Village, Sumantri told that Gebang Hill was the result of youth creation with the development of tourism in South Bangka. They developed Gebang Hill into a tourist attraction. Gebang Hill was developed from April 2017 on an impromptu basis with one month of preparation.

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There are many beautiful scenery spots from around the peak of Gebang Hill like Muruk Hill and Merah Hill. Before climbing to the top of Gebang Hill, tourists will be served with rubber and palm forest that can also be taken as a photo spot. Regular visitors are crowded from Friday to Sunday. Every day can be up to 500 people who come on this hill. Visitors come from various regions ranging from Belinyu, West Bangka to Palembang,

Tourists can go to Gebang Hill bu four-wheeled vehicles to the foot of Mount Gebang. Then, the trip can be continued with motorcycle taxi with tariff about 5,000 Rupiah up to 10.000 Rupiah. Tourists are encouraged to take a photo of 10 minutes in every photo spot when conditions are busy.

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One photo spot that can be tried is a tree house. Tourists must climb the tree and use safety before taking the photo.

To enter the area of ​​Gebang Hill, tourists are not charged entrance fee. When carrying a vehicle, tourists are only charged parking fees.

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