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25-09-2012, 16:12
Smoked Milk Fish

Another Sidoarjo's particular icon is smoked milk fish. The center of this industrial is located in Bulu Sidokare village, the city of Sidoarjo. Here we can see the traditional process of smoked milk fish until the packing process before it runs into the customers hand.

Regarding the making of smoked milk fish, the very first way is to peel off the scale out of the fish until it getting smooth, then move out the entrails and the gills to removed the stinks odor from the fish and there should be any blood remain.

Furthermore, soaked the fish that have been clean in salt water for 2 hours, until it soak into the meat. After that, rinsed the milkfish to avoid become too salty. Then drained the milkfish to remove the salt water. Put the stomach of the fish with a stick for making the smoke get into the inside of the stomach.

After that, smoked the fish for 3 hours. Make sure the fire leaving only the embers, then flush some of wood dust which can caused the smoke. To produce yellow smoke, the sawdust that being used should be yellow.

After the smoke billowing, put the milkfish and keep the furnace closed. Add the sawdust on every hour to make the smoke.

The taste of this smoked milkfish is different with presto milkfish product, the sauce is made by mix ketchup and shrimp paste. The price of traditional smoked milk fish is about Rp. 36.000 to Rp. 38.000 per kilogram. While, the sauce is about Rp. 1000 per bottle. This price is much cheaper than the smoke milkfish in modern packaged, whose price reached Rp 60,000. per kilogram.

Unfortunately, the production and the market of this product is just limited around Sidoarjo city. Sidoarjo milkfish has a typical black color around the dorsal fin, if any merchant who offers the fish without the features it will be rejected. Moreover, the Sidoarjo milk fish having different taste with other milk fish. Hence, we can look carefully before making decision to buy the fish.

Overall, smoked milk fish is the other considerable choises that can be a present for your beloved when visiting Sidoarjo city.

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