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25-07-2017, 12:50
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Panorama green tea gardens stretching wide that you can see when visiting the Asri Valley, Serang Tourism Village, Purbalingga, Central Java. Because it is located in the alternative path of Banyumas-Pantura, Asri Valley Serang becomes the main recommendation for you who are traveling cross-Java to visit at once break for a moment. To get the Asri Valley, you only take about 45 minutes from downtown or 10 minutes from the Purbalingga-Pemalang highway.

In Asri Valley, visitors can try many interesting rides, such as high rope, flying fox, ATV bike, to "odong-odong" train. Not only the mode of diesel transportation, there are also tame horses that are ready to take visitors around tea gardens. If visitors who really want to walk while enjoying the fresh air, this tourism village also provides Love Alley (in Indonesia Language is Lorong Cint)a in the form of trails that are filled with beautiful flowers to take pictures.

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There is an embung (artificial lake) in the Asri Valley. There, visitors can try the paddle boat while seeing the reflection of Slamet Mountain in reflection of water. Not only that, in the Asri Valley visitors can also enjoy the sensation of picking strawberries directly in the garden. There is one unique snack that must be tried when visiting the Asri Valley, the name is mendoan strawberries, which the strawberries are converted into fried foods.

Although cheap, but the tour packages in the Asri Valley are guaranteed. Here is a list of tour packages ticket prices in Asri Valley, Serang Tourism Village:
- High Rope: 50.000 Rupiah
- Flying Fox: 20.000 Rupiah
- ATV Bike: 15.000 Rupiah
- Equestrian: 15.000 Rupiah
- Strawberry Garden: 25.000 Rupiah

However, there are some considerations for visitors who want to visit. Visitors must be careful because the access road to Asri Valley is very steep and winding. In some dangerous corner like pine forest, there is not enough security for tourists so, don't get too close to the rim.

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