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12-07-2017, 12:15
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Salupajaan in Batetangnga Village, Binuang District, Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, becomes one of the favorit nature attractions that is visited by not only the people of West Sulawesi, but also from outside Sulawesi for the holidays. Various vehicle rides that can test adrenaline become one of the reasons people choose to spend vacation time with family in this place. One of the outbound rides that is attracted the attention of visitors at this location is a flying fox ride that can test the adrenaline visitors. Cycling on the water is also one of the rides that are now popular in citizens group.

Many visitors come with friends and family to try variety of games such as flying fox, bathing pool, and cycling on the water to test the adrenaline. Other visitors also choose Salupajaan Tourism to spend their holidays because in addition to close and safe for families, admission tickets and parking fees in this vocation spot are relatively very cheap and safe.

Although Salupajaan Nature Tourism is quite crowded, beautiful scenery, beautiful and nice, but cleanliness in this place needs to be maintained. To make visitors feel at home for long, the manager of Salupajaan Nature Tourism also completes various supporting facilities such as Mushala, changing rooms, toilet / wc, love bridge, gazebo, swimming pool for children and adults, karaoke place, canteen and parking area.

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