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Kendal District, Central Java, is rich in natural attractions, both marine and mountain tourism. One of the natural attractions of the mountains in Kendal is Nglimut Gonoharjo Hot Spring Water. This hot spring is located in Limbangan Sub District. The Nglimut Gonoharjo Hot Spring Water is located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran.

From the city of Semarang and Kendal, the distance to Nglimut Gonoharjo Hot Spring Water is about 40 kilometers. If from Semarang, you can pass through Ngaliyan then Mijen, then Cangkiran to Limbangan. While from city of Kendal, you can pass Brangsong-Kaliwungu-South Kaliwungu-Boja until then Limbangan. Although to get this tourist attraction, you must go through steep and winding roads, but you can still use two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels.

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Nglimut Hot Spring Water is very good for health and the cure of skin diseases. Well, you can bath as much in the pool of hot water in the area if you want to get treatment. In addition several hot water baths, in Nglimut, you also can enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool air. Tourist attraction Nglimut Hot Spring Water is also equipped with cold water baths, mini zoo, fishing pond, flower garden, and outbound place.

Nglimut Gonoharjo Hot Spring Water is very fitting for a vacation with family. Here is also available for facility of lodging. So for tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night in Nglimut and feel the cold of the mountains, you can stay in this area. Well, happy vocation to Nglimut Gonoharjo :)

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