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Not only known as the best copper and durian producing region, Empat Lawang also has a hidden paradise behind of Batu Harum Hill with steep rocky roads and climbing are the way to this place. Even so, you will not be disappointed with the beautiful panorama that will be found later. Starting from the idea of ​​local people, Nine Levels Batu Betiang Waterfall in Ulakdabuk Village, Talangpadang District, Empat Lawang Regency, South Sumatra Province, is now a tourist destination. In order to see the beauty of running water, visitors will be faced with the challenge of passing through a steep trajectory. Climbing up and down is a natural thing. However, the gurgling waterfall will be a spur on the edge of the road.

After walking about a few minutes from the parking lot of the vehicle, then passing through against the slippery ground and towering trees, you will hear the running of water. That is a sign that the waterfall is getting closer. That means you also have to take off the shoes and better with bare feet slowly you walk the path of rocks because Nine Levels Batu Betiang Waterfall is located hidden in between Batu Harum Hill. Each level presents the beauty of different water.

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This place is very suitable for you who love adventure. Although the steep road to the waterfall is in the form of climbing and into the forest, but the beauty of the flowing water of Nine Levels Batu Betiang Waterfall will pay for your travel. In the first level, you have to climb the big rocks that become one with the water. It will take courage and caution because some stones are quite slippery. Better, you take off the footwear to reach the next level. You must be careful to choose which rocks are not mossy and not slippery. Although very tempting to dive, you must be careful because at the eighth level, the pool of waterfall is deep enough, approximately 3-5 meters. But at the ninth level, a pool of waterfall can be used for swimming because the depth is only 1.5 meters. Not only that, the flow of this waterfall is quite heavy.

To visit this waterfall, it will take a long time because the infrastructure has not been provided. Traveling on foot must be taken for approximately 3 hours. However, you do not need to worry because there will be provided motorcycle taxi up to the top, with a round-trip 20,000 Rupiah. For a place to stay, you can only rent it at Tebing Tinggi Cottage. There have been many guest houses and you will be accompanied by a tour guide to get to Nine Levels Batu Betiang Waterfall.

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It is a very beautiful place!