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08-06-2017, 13:19
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Gunungsitoli City, North Sumatra, has a beautiful natural attractions that is viewed the eye. One of them, an exotic waterfall is located in the Village of Fadoro, Gunungsitoli Idanoi District, Gunungsitoli City, North Sumatra. Humogo Waterfall, so local people call it. Humogo Waterfall has height of more than 20 meters with water that is clear enough. The water comes from cave that has never been explored by lovers of caves. In addition, it lies on steep cliff with three levels. To reach the area of ​​this waterfall, visitors must travel as far as 18 kilometers from Gunungsitoli. But unfortunately, this tourism object has not been managed so that received less attention from the government.

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Access to the tourist area is not paved road and only hardening sober. As a result, these conditions make people become lazy to release the weekend in this place. Not to mention, visitors have to walk down the path of steep rocks that are slippery. And again we have to trace the rat way like a traveler.

Humogo Waterfall has many uniqueness. Besides three levels of waterfall, there is also cave and it can be for water therapy. Beginning in 2016, this area has been known visitors and began to crowded. Usually people who come to this waterfall are not just swimming, but there is also a deliberate body flushed waterfall. It is said that the water that are flushed the back just the same as a massage.

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