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19-04-2017, 12:29

The most populated area in Java Island. East Java has 37.5 million people with several ethnic group including Javanese, Madurese, Osing, Chinese, Arabian and Tenggerese. They are live in a peaceful atmosphere. The diversities among the tourist destinations, which is in both natural and cultural makes East Java worth to be visit. The province has a unique tourism fascination can be a list of your visits to Indonesia.

Allure tourist destination are existing include; nature, beaches, mountain, shopping, educational, adventure, historical, cultural, marine, pilgrimage tourism, eco-tourism, agro-tourism, art tourism, also handicrafts and some souvenirs. In other words, East Java can be used as an option complete package travel in your leisure time. Visit East Java is a must.

There are various ceremonies and traditions among East Java communities, in relation with religiosity, it held regularly on every year, and becomes special attraction are interesting to be seen. The arts and cultural performances and the festivals that are routinely held and packaged in the tourism agenda also enrich the number of tourist attractions in East Java.

The East Java's Calendar Events contains the schedule of some traditional ceremonies, traditions, festivals and performances were held in the cities and regencies in East Java. It is designed to promote and publicize the tourism agenda in the whole area in East Java.

It is important to inform that the local communities usually determine the schedules of the ceremonial events by using the calendars of Javanese, Moslem, and Hindu Tenggeres. Therefore, to assure the exact date of events, it is advisable to confirm the local Government Tourist Office.

We hope the East Java’s Calendar of Events will be helpful and useful for visitors both local and foreign tourist. To get more info about East Java Events, please visit here http://eastjava.com/event/ .