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04-04-2017, 20:27

Madura well-known as Pulau Garam or Salt island is one of places in Indonesia which is well-known for not only its natural tourism object, cultural tour, as well as religious tour, but also for its culinary. One of foods which has typical taste, is Tajin Sobih. It is named Tajin Sobih because this traditional food is from Sobih village, Tonjung, Burneh sub-district, Bangkalan,Madura, East Java.

Tajin Sobih is food like porridge which is made from glutinous flour, rice flour, palm sugar and coconut milk. Interestingly, Tajin Sohib is a combination among mutiara-porridge, sumsum-porridge and several processes of starch and lupis. Usually, Tajin Sobih vendor provides another traditional food such as lupis and cetter。 Tajin sohib has delicious taste, because there is savory and sweet taste. The sweet taste comes from palm sugar which is cooked until melted and Madura people mention it Guleh Gentong.

Tajin Sobih means sobih porridge. To make this porridge is very difficult and needs special skill. Because if measure and mixture of the materials are wrong, it will cause the level of maturity uneven. Because of the unique taste, Tajin Sobih becomes the measure of its delicacy. Usually, the vendors of Tajin Sobih sell the porridge in the morning.

One portion of Tajin Sobih consists of three colors or porridge’s content, namely light red, brown and white porridge. The three contents of Tajin Sobih are stored on the small pans which become one on big container from bamboo. To serve the colorful Tajin is splashed by palm sugar mentioned Guleh Gentong. The mixture of palm sugar on Tajin Sobih makes its taste so sweet, but still savory on tongue. During the month of Ramadhan, Tajin Sobih vendors sell it in the evening toward the time of breaking-fast. Tajin Sobih is one of foods which is most enjoyed by Bangkalan people。

If you are on Madura island and especially in Bangkalan, you can easily find Tajin Sobih vendors. The vendors do not take a long time to sell it. Usually, the vendors sell starting from morning until afternoon. One portion of Tajin Sobih is only Rp. 3,000. Another uniqueness of this Sobih Tajin is that usually, elderly women carry it on their heads around the villages.

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