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03-04-2017, 13:05
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Curup Lestari is the name of waterfall that located in Region Registers of 39 Hamlet of 4, Village of Kota Batu, Pubian District, Central Lampung, Lampung Province. People who keep the preservation of nature are making the name that attached to the waterfall area there. The altitude of this waterfall is about 30 meters from the surface. The nature of Curup Lestari of this waterfall is beautiful and the water of this tourist area is still clear and cool that make people want to come back to it. To reach the location of this waterfall, from Bandar Lampung, it requires a distance of about 2 hours and then the journey is proceed to ride motorcycles with steep terrain about 3 kilometers.

Arriving at the location, fatigue is disappear immediately because travelers will be greeted by millions of water droplets that are carried by the wind from a distance of 2 meters from the source of the waterfall.

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Travelers who want to enjoy the natural beauty do not need to pay an entrance fee. But local residents in Batu Village set rules agreed on in order to preserve the nature of this waterfall and the beauty of Curup Lestari is still maintained. Especially during the dry season, travelers should not leave embers that can cause fires.

Local residents around the village of Batu are very dependent existence of water to flow through 30 hectares of paddies there. But even so, the location of this waterfall is not widely known by the travelers in Indonesia. Only certain people, such as school children from neighboring villages or from Tanggamus District who know the beauty of the Curup Lestari Waterfall

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Beautiful shots!