View Full Version : The Fierce Waves on Ngalur Beach

27-01-2017, 17:25

Tulungagung is belong to East Java, which has many exotic beaches, beside Kedung Tumpang beach, with typical natural swimming pool also no less exotic beaches named Ngalur Beach. With the pretty view, a stretch of white sand and blue water. In addition there is also a spot here - a great spot for photos like twigs bare tree like in a dead forest.

Ngalur beach situated in Jenglungharjo village, Tulungagung district. From the downtown distance is not too far away which is about 25 km. The nearby location is Patuk Gebang and Sanggar beach. Although the distance is not too far from the city center, but access can only be reached by trekking on foot. The easiest access is through the left of Sanggar beach over the hill. It is advisable to follow the route because you can also enjoy Sanggar beach.

Ngalur beach recently days are popular, with the waves are quite fierce, not recommended do marine activities such as swimming. Simply enjoy the waves and the rustling sound of the wind blowing the beach to prevent something undesirable. Do not forget to bring back the trash to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the beach.



Source: http://www.asliindonesia.net/