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26-01-2017, 12:47
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Bangka Island is an island that holds many tourist charms and gorgeous beaches. One of them is Kuarsa Sikka Beach that located approximately 100 km from Pangkalpinang city, the capital of Bangka Belitung province. The beach is arguably the most beautiful beach if it is compared to other beaches. Not surprisingly if Bangka Island communities don't feel strange with the beach this one. The beach is located in the Sikka, Tanjung Niur Village, Tempilang District, West Bangka, Bangka Belitung province. The beach is directly opposite the Bangka Strait and the island of Sumatra.

One of the features of Kuarsa Sikka Beach is a beautiful sunset at dusk with the sky and the golden yellow sunset. The atmosphere is not much available in every beach. Sunset in Kuarsa Sikka Beach is amazingly beautiful. Every afternoon, visitors will be spoiled with visualization so perfect sunset light glowed in the radiance of the seas. Accompanied by a gentle breeze and harmony animal noises in the night to welcome the new life will increase the beauty of the beach at dusk. If you're in that atmosphere, you will certainly enjoy the beautiful enchanted universe.

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An amazing view that can be enjoyed in Kuarsa Sikka Beach will not be forgotten. If you remember the island of Bangka, surely you remember also the beauty of the Kuarsa Sikka Beach. Not only that, this beach also has a stunning stretch of white sand in contrast to the blue water. Not enough natural scenery stunning eyes, this beach has white sand that covered with palm trees. Palm trees that grow tall are adding exotic Kuarsa Sikka Beach.

Don't forget to invite your friends or family enjoying the sunset together and bring a camera to capture a beautiful sunset from this beach. Kuarsa Sikka Beach is very great grace of God as a tourism potential of Bangka Belitung. In addition to a beautiful sunset, you can also take photos of objects sandbanks which is a phenomenon typical of Kuarsa Sikka Beach.

Source: www.kompas.com

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