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19-01-2017, 12:51
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North Toraja, South Sulawesi, now has a new tourist destinations. Every week, thousands of people visit Lolai, a village in Kapalapitu District. The arrival of thousands of people because they want to feel the sensation of being "above the clouds". If the night until 10:00 am in the morning, the area at an altitude of about 1400 meters above sea level is like in the clouds. Imagine, from yard of construction point of Tongkonan Lempe, visitors can come and watch the scenery beneath the cloud covered. Mountain peaks in the distance is peeking out from between the clouds that lie with very wide.

Occasional, movement of the clouds to make the village look visible. Rantepao, a crowded center in North Toraja, is visible in the distance under a cloud. When the night comes and the clouds are not too many, Rantepao Town looks very beautiful. At night, the lights in the town of Rantepao add more charming scenery. The town is seen as out of the plane. As the sun begins to rise, Tongkonan Buildings in Toraja is becoming increasingly attractive scenery.

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Lolai is located in a cluster of mountains with a very beautiful panorama. From Rantepao, this new tourist sites can be reached in about 30 minutes drive away. The manager, who is the owner of Tongkonan Lempe just sets the parking fee at the rate of volunteering. In their wide yard, there are also some tents that can be rented for those who want camping at night. Rent price of the tent is cheap, ranging from 80,000 Rupiahs for a large tent and 50,000 Rupiahs for the small size.

Some terraces of Tongkonan Lempe also be housed visitors to relax while enjoying Toraja coffee that served by homeowners. Travelers who want to stay, they can also rent Tongkonan as home stay. While visiting the Lolai Village, visitors are required to bring a sweater or jacket, because in Lolai which often dubbed as "the land above the clouds" is very cool. Waiting for sunrise is an incredible sensation, as watching d the expanse of clouds that is slowly rise from the lower mainland to the Lolai.

Source: http://makassar.tribunnews.com

At certain moments, the visitor can even step on the cloud, for cloud overlays to be aligned with a stand at Tongkonan Lempe. Although it has been a year popular for tourist area, Lolai now becomes a tourist magnet in North Toraja. The foreign tourists who come to Toraja always don't forget to visit Lolai. Toraja is deserved with dubbed "amazing land", because because the stunning scenery that combined with culture and tradition that is still maintained.

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Lolai Tana Toraja is the most famous tourist places of attractions in Tana Toraja Sulawesi, a village called the land above the clouds.