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04-01-2017, 17:09
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If you're heading to the Wolio Bukit Indah Village, Wolio District, Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi, then you will find two small castle stand tall and sturdy. Both the fortresses are located not too far apart. For the people of Baubau, the fortresses are named Sorawolio which are both made of rock using white adhesive of chicken eggs. Both the fortresses' size that are not too big, have a thickness of about one meter high fort was reached about 6-7 meters.

A guard of the fortresses, La Ade (50), said Sorawolio Fortresses are made during the XIX Sultan Buton Sakiyuddin Darul Sultan Alam in 1712-1750. The fortresses serve as a bulwark against the Netherlands and robbers. There are used to be people who live in this castle, but not anymore. Inside the fortresses, there are graves that had long existed.

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Inside the fortresses, there is a second level ground with a size that is not too broad. But there are some parts of the wall in the Sorawolio Fortresses which are damaged by a tree that lives on top of the castle. Indeed, the existence of an old tree with a stone fort that has been eaten age raises strong magnetic power and mystery of the fort. Nevertheless, continued La Ade, the fortresses are still visited residents who wanted to see it from the inside. The distance of the two fortress about 1 kilometer from the main strongholds of the Buton royal palace.

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