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20-12-2016, 12:33
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Pesisir Selatan (South Coastal) District offers many tourism potentials like waterfall tourist area. One of the waterfalls that become an icon of this district is the Bayang Sani Waterfall. Bayang Sani Waterfall is located in Kampung Kota Baru, Bayang Sub-district, Pesisir Selatan District. To reach the site, we have to travel as far as 60 km from the city of Padang, or if we are starting from Painan City, we have to travel about 20 km.

From Highway of Padang - Painan when arriving at Simpang Ganting, we navigate the vehicle to the left past the highway of Ganting to Jalan Pasar Baru. Or to facilitate, road to the waterfall is in the same direction if we want to tourism place of Root Bridge. The waterfall is located 3 km before the Root Bridge. Entrance fee to the waterfall is only 5,000 Rupiahs. From the location of the purchase this pass, the waterfalls had appeared in sight. From the parking lot, foot step to the first level waterfall is a favorite place for tourists who visit Bayang Sani Waterfall.

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The first level of waterfall has a height of about 80 meters that consist of three branched waterfall that flows flicker - contortion on rocks. With a width and a height of more than 50 meters, it can be concluded that Bayang Sani Waterfall is the largest waterfall that located in the district of Pesisir Selatan. Just below the waterfall, there are depths that utilized the tourists for water play. In the vicinity of the bottom of a lot of available stalls, the supply of rental tires are highly recommended for visitors who can not swim.

Satisfied to enjoy the atmosphere of a waterfall in this first stage, we can move on to the next level, the second level. According to the guards of motorcycle parking, he said Bayang Sani Waterfall has 5 levels. But it can be visited only up to the second level only. To reach the second level waterfall, we has to climb the hill that located next to the waterfall first leve. Then we walk approximately 500 meters. The second level of Bayang Sani Waterfall is very different from the first level that here is still very few people who visit. This is because it is a little far with the walkway and had a bit of a hike.

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Another difference from the first and second level of this waterfall is from the shape of the waterfall. If in the first level and a widening shape is divided into three branches, then in the second level is only one waterfall stand up straight as high as 25 meters. Under the second level waterfall where the water depths are greenish sign in. The atmosphere around the second level waterfall is a little damp, because almost all the waterfalls foliate lush forest vegetation. Bayang Sani Waterfall has upstream of jungle hills of Lumpo incoming Kerinci Seblat National Park area, so that the water is very cool so as to make tourists feel at home to linger - long bath here.

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05-02-2018, 23:27
The waterfall is beautiful but it looks pretty dangerous if you climb high