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09-12-2016, 17:15
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Perhaps when we come to travel in Jember, until now most people will talk about Papuma Beach, Watu Ulo Beach, Bandealit Beach, or Payangan Beach. Yes, some of these sights are the most famous tourist areas in Jember and recommended to visit. But actually, there is one other tourist attractions that also highly recommended to visit when you are visiting Jember, there is Love Bay. Have you down the existing natural beauty in Jember?

Love Bay is the new tourist area that located in Jember, precisely on the south coast that is known with Payangan Beach. This is a quite popular beach and visited by many tourists. In this Payangan Beach, you can see the wonderful panorama of the beach with waves that is quite large with pretty hit rocks.

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In addition enjoying the seaside charm of Payangan Beach, you can also witness the unique sights from the top of a hill. This Love Bay is located in the east coast of Payangan Beach area, approximately 200 meters from the parking area of this beach. You can watch the beauty of Love Bay from the top of the hill that is known as Sheep Hill. Why is it called "Sheep Hill"? Because in the surrounding area of the hill, there are some sheep belonging to local people who also witnessed the beauty of the beach.

Amazing and exotic !! Those are the two words that you might say when you're enjoying the exotic nature at Love Bay. This bay is named "Love Bay" because its shape resembles the symbol of love when seen from above. Therefore, you can go up above the Sheep Hill to enjoy the beauty of this bay. From the top of the Sheep Hill, you can enjoy exoticism and charming of Love Bay. To arrive at this Sheep Hill is not difficult, you just walk about 200 meters, or about 15 minutes from the parking area. Currently, visitors are only charged about five thousands Rupiahs for entry fee.

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Sheep Hill is also commonly referred to as the hill of love. That's because many couples who declares his love in this Sheep Hill. The shape of Love Bay that resembles the symbol of love is the reason why this place made the young people to express feelings to soulmate. Besides on that, for you the hunter sunset, Love Bay could also be an option for a vacation on the weekend. Routes to the Love Bay if from the city center could be heading south toward of Ambulu. If you've reached the intersection of Ambulu, take straight way and go straight to the T-junction if Papuma to right toward the coast. Quite a straight road and follow the directions then you will get to the Payangan Beach and enjoy the beauty of Love Bay.

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