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24-11-2016, 12:40
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In the village of Lampanairi, Batauga District, South Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, there is Kaki Naue, a name of creek that you must visit when you're in South Buton. The river is supposedly used to be a bath when the Japanese army invaded Indonesia. If now the creek is visited by many people for tourism purposes, then once the creek is the source of water springs for the local residents in the village. According to one resident, La Ode Muhlar, this river never experienced a drought although in the dry season. So that in 1950, the creek that named "Kaki Naue" is a source of water springs for people in Batauga District.

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Kaki Naue Creek is not too large with the width is only about 4-5 meters. However, the creek was once used by the Japanese army for bath time in the colonial era. There is rest buildinh of the Japanese era around the river. Currently, the Kaki Naue Creek is used not only local residents, but residents of the Baubau area also enjoy the creek with recreational held at the venue. Indeed, around of Kaki Naue Creek is very cool because a lot of the banyan tree are growing on the rocks of the river flow. The distance is very close to the main street of this village that makes anyone stop in Kaki Naue Creek. In addition to a stop shelter, people who passed also enjoy the cool air around the river flow of Kaki Naue.

So, for those of you who like to travel to South Buton, do not forget the time to look at the Kaki Naue Creek that is ever used the Japanese army.

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Nature here is so wildful.