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Lebong Tandai is one of the villages in the subdistrict of Napal Putih, North Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu province, Indonesia. The village is known as a gold mining area since the Dutch colonial era in 1910. After Indonesia became independent in 1945, gold mines and relics of the Dutch building was taken over by the Lebong Tandai people. Lebong Tandai village is one of the tours in Bengkulu province, which deserves to be enjoyed because it has a history and natural attractions. Lebong Tandai village is located 500 meters above sea level, south by Mt. Husin and north borders of Baharu Hill and surrounded Hill of Kelumbuk Baru and Lebong.

Lebong Tandai may be unfamiliar place names in the ear. What and how about it, not many people know. In fact, if we go back to a few centuries ago, this one was so well known village in Indonesia. Even once competed over the nations of the world. Lebong Tandai village is indeed unique and filled with blessings. Not only beautiful, but also unusually rich because gold is there. Interestingly, despite the fame period has ended, but until today the village Lebong Tandai still hold remnants of the charm that once captivated the world. Beside on that, not without reason Lebong Tandai is called "Small Batavia" by the Dutch government. This is because the villages in Bengkulu is indeed amazingly beautiful. As the picture, the village is situated between the small hills in which flowing rivers clean and beautiful with its stones. Similar to the fairy tale that is in fiction.

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Natural beauty in the Lebong Tandai Village (Small Batavia) is very intriguing There are many beautiful tourist areas, ranging from DAM Netherlands Waterfall with height 25 meter that contained endemic fish, namely fish Kelari Pekal Tribe, hot water, marl marl plots or ceramic in River of Karang Air Sulu. In the Lebong Tandai Village, there are also other tourist areas, such as Gudang Gold dregs of Dutch heritage. It was located in the middle of this village. With the condition of the building still looks strong and towering in the middle of the village, a tourist attraction Basurat marl or wall in the river that reads of Arabic letters contained in the Air Suwo, located 5 km from the residence. Lebong Tandai village also keeps historical relics, such as the Kingdom sites in Lubuk Batu Ilan within 6 km from the center of the village, Chinese Cemetery at Mt. High Cemetery that is a family funeral Chow Yung, located 3 km from the village center. At these locations seen their tombstones family names Chow Yung who had been in the village of Lebong Tandai.

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The journey from the city of Bengkulu to the location of Lebong Tandai Village takes about 4 hours to get to Napal Putih subdistrict. To get to the village center Lebong Tandai, visitors must use the traditional rail transport lorries (comely) at the Air Tenang Village or Air Tenang Station, not far from the center of Napal Putih subdistrict. After arriving in Air Tenang, the trip starts with a climb to get to the Lebong Tandai Molek. This departure is scheduled in the morning, around 07.00 pm until 08.00 pm. to the location of the passengers would pass through an area called Ronggeng, Chopsticks, Lubang Batu, Muaro Lusang, Mountain High, Tombs of China, River Ramps, hole length, the Middle Hole, Hole In short, and Lebong Tandai.

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