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15-11-2016, 17:04
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There are many hidden paradises scattered throughout Indonesia. One of them is a lake in Indonesia, which has a beauty beyond measure. That lake is so beautiful! Not a few people are amazed by its beauty. One lake in Indonesia was named Lake Labuan Cermin. The lake is famous for its beauty. If you wish to enjoy its beauty, came to the district Bear-Bear, Berau district, East Kalimantan. Well, that's where Lake Labuan Cermin located. You will find a very clear lake with water colors as blue as the sea. No one if the lake in Indonesia is called Labuan Cermin. The water in the lake that is no larger than a football field is very clear shiny like glass or mirrors. When the weather is sunny, the sun can enter and penetrate the bottom of the lake. We can see the bottom even if the depth of the lake reaches more than 3 meters.

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From the top of the pier, you can see the small fish that was swimming freely through the wood which became the foundation of the pier. The number of fish was no less; they randomly swim in the lake. When that did free dive, you can see the tree roots snaking across the bottom of the lake. No wonder Lake in Indonesia is unique. Your admirers will not stop until they're. In addition to very clear water, the water in the lake, it is also unique in that the other two flavors. At the best of the lake consists of fresh water. While at the bottom of the lake, you will feel the salt water. Limit these two types of water was not visible. The limit just like a cloud, allegedly as biota lakebed rotting. According to local stories, this is the first place where the king's bath in Beau knows. Well, stories like this will surely make you more attracted to the lake in Indonesia.

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30-01-2017, 20:41
Lost: East German canteen the flask inside is marked with my number, 044, on the bottom.

Found: metal AK magazine, no number.