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08-11-2016, 16:19
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Gresik is not only known for religious travel to the grave of Sunan Giri alone. There is a coastal tourist sites that must be visited when visiting the city within 15 KM from the capital of East Java Province. White Sand of Sukaoneng Beach, that's the name of the place. Sukaoneng Beach is located on the bottom of Bawean Island. White sand of Sukaoneng beach has clean and bright color. The name of this beach is taken from the name of the village in the area where the beach is located is in the village of Sukaoneng, Tambak Subdistrict, Gresik. To be able to visit the location of this Suakoneng beach just need to walk about 200 meters from the highway. It has a natural beauty on the beach. In addition to the white sand, this beach sloping condition that allows travelers to leisurely walk while enjoying the scenery around is still natural.

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White sand of Sukaoneng Beach is truly captivate. It make the children who visit this placelike building sand castles. Coupled with the contours of the sloping beach tourists more indulgent spending time break from daily activities. Walk down the beach while enjoying views of the coastal area is still beautiful. Contours sloping beach seemed to make waves were big lazy roll. Quiet expanse of blue sea with waves are not too big is a view of daily life in this white sandy beach. Such conditions also make a lot of tourists do not hesitate to swim or go to the sea in a boat. They sailed just to feel the sensation to the sea or for fishing.

Traveling to the White Sand Sukaoneng Beach is going to be relax and happy; especially for the tourists who would rather watch the sunset on the beach. It will be one memorable recreational activities, when looking at the seconds moments red evening sun slowly sinking in the west. Spend the day relaxing on the beach will make us eager to welcome back tomorrow.

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