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03-11-2016, 13:45
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"Giri Wana Tirta" that more popular with the name "Telaga Ngipik" or Ngipik Lake is one of the tourist sites managed by PT Swabina Slot slick, one group of PT PKG since 2002. The name of "Giri Wana Tirta" is adopted from the characteristics of Ngipik Lake site, which among "Giri" means greatness of Sunan Giri whose tomb is housed in the town of Gresik. "Wana" means that forests and trees that surround these attractions, and "Tirta" means water, that is deliberately used for presenting Ngipik Lake that has the element of water.

Ngipik Lake is located in Gresik Industrial Estate. At this location that has been developed water attractions, visitors can enjoy the beautiful panorama with a rubber boat ride around the lake. In addition, visitors can also fish in this Ngipik Lake. Nature green of reflection foliage Giri hill can erase stereotypes society which the situation of Gresik area is hot and having many pollution.

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The atmosphere of Ngipik Lake is cool, quiet, and comfortable. Close off the highway into the Ngipik village pass road leading down to the lake, we can look at the expanse of blue green water is extensive. Fatigue overland journey of more than an hour from the city of Surabaya was immediately vanished. In simple stalls roadside is found many local travelers spent hours staring at the artificial travel, while sipping coffee with relish. The wind was blowing breeze adds fresh atmosphere. Inhale the hilly town of Gresik make the joints and the body becomes fitter and peace of mind.

Another attraction of Ngipik Lake is also used as a place to practice water skiing, never even made the event the Regional Water Ski Championships in East Java in 1999. Other facilities available are a cafeteria and stage entertainment of the people to hold and display a wide range of entertainment on certain days. Ngipik Lake is located about 1.5 km to the west of Gresik City Square.

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Although not as famous as the shrine of the tomb of Sunan Giri, travelling at Ngipik Lake is still loved by the community, both young men and women, children, and extended family. The admission of entrance ticket in Ngipik Lake is only 2000 rupiahs. In addition to children's games, in this tourist area is also prepared two motor boats at any time can be used to surround the lake. There are 20 seats in motor boats over 12 meters. With only pay 2500 rupiahs per passenger, you can enjoy the beauty of the Ngipik Lake by boat. Not only that, facilitate of this tourist area also provides 10 water bikes that can be used at any time in areas that have been determined by the manager. The cost is also cheap, only 5,000 rupiahs per bicycle water for 1 hour.

If you simply want to enjoy a panoramic view of the lake, docks belonging to the group sports water skiing can also be visited. From the pier, visitors can see the cool lake water, especially in the morning or afternoon. The existence of the lake is not only enjoyed by tourists who come with their families. Dozens of anglers also come to the Ngipik Lake to channel hobby. In fact, the angler usually come earlier than other tourist visitors. So, if your hobby fishing, satisfy yourself to fish there, there can also brought by the selenium. Ngipik lake is also very famous with the beautiful of adenium flower park.

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