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02-11-2016, 13:15
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Lately, pine forest tourist becomes famous into one photo in various social networks and medias. Besides Yogyakarta, Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra, also has a beautiful pine forest. Punti Kayu is the name of pine forest area with large 12 hectares. Punti Kayu is the largest pine forests in Indonesia.

Nature tourism of Punti Kayu is located in the city center, so Punti Kayu is relatively easy to access. There are several public transport that can deliver you to this beautiful region. In addition to using the transport department that continued KM 5 Talang Betutu transport department, Punti Wood is also accessible by the Trans Musi. If you live or pass close to the Trans Musi, you simply get off at the bus stop of Punti Kayu.

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There is a difference in travel of Punti Kayu with various other pine forests in Indonesia. Because the protected forest that turned into forest tour is also equipped with a recreational park that contains a variety of children's games. In addition to outbound facilities, a playground, a dragon boat, and flying fox, Punti Kayu is also equipped with a zoo that contains creatures which can be used as a medium of recognition and learning for the child. Here is also opened educational tours such as tree planting program to package travel smart kids.

Facilities make Punti Kayu arena be transformed into an attractive family travel. In the area of ​​the zoo, you can also take some of the animals like horses and elephants. Of course, every facility has its own entrance ticket. Stay adjust the wishes and your travel budget. As with other forest travel, in Punti Kayu also has a suspension bridge.

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If you want to enjoy the sensation of passing through the suspension bridge facilities at tourist spots, ensure its security level yes! If it does not find information about the maximum capacity to use these facilities in the surrounding area of ​​the suspension bridge, try to ask the average existing officers. If visitors are booming, it helps you discouraged to enjoy the sensation of being in a suspension bridge. However security during the holidays is the main thing that is not replaceable. In addition, the pine forest and playground, Putin Kayu is also equipped with lakes, swamps and areas of the campsite. Punti Kayu also has extended recreational vehicle such as a replica of the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids and swimming pool.

For people who want to visit the Forest Tourism Puntikayu, just pay the entrance fee of Rp 12,500 for adults and 5,000 for children. While for those who bring the vehicle an additional charge Rp 12,000 for four-wheel vehicles and 6,000 for two-wheeled vehicles.

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