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25-07-2016, 15:35
Limbong Kamandang Waterfall is a natural tourism attraction located that settled in the village of Kurra, district Tapango, Polewali Mandar regency. This waterfall is about 4 km from the center of the capital district Tapango.
To get to this attraction, the reach is can be passed from the district Polman toward Wonomulyo district, then turn to the right (the path to the district Tapango), the turning point is right next to the Ayam monumen, before Fuel Filling Station in Wonomulyo. From here the journey will take the path through Riso village, Kalimbua village, until we came to Kurra Village.

The route that mentioned above is not easy and smooth, there are many roads with a slope that fairly extreme. During the rainy season, the road is sometimes overgrown with moss, and it is quite slippery for those who drive the two-wheeled vehicle. Just be more careful during the trip and stay honor the nature when arrive at the venue.
Limbong Kamandang waterfall is can be seen very clearly from above the bridge, where the under part there is a river where the flow is coming from the waterfall, up from here we can see Limbong Kamandang from a distance that looked very beautiful.

To enjoy Limbong Kamandang closer then you are required to walk for a while with a short distance away from the bridge into the waterfall area to get to the base of the waterfall. Base of the waterfall is safe enough to be used as a dip, with water falling unceasing and debit that quite heavy.

For the matter of discharge and the volume of water that falls, Limbong kamandang has it all. You can enjoy the water that fairly heavy with the atmosphere of Kurra Mountain that is cold enough. All around the waterfall is overgrown by green trees that store water to add cold atmosphere in the region.