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20-07-2016, 17:32
Barane Beach in Majene is one of popular destinations in West Sulawesi. The situation at this beach has fine and shady atmosphere and with small waves that perfect for family vacation. This tourist destination is located about 5km from Majene town center and it has become the recommended place for holiday.

There are various rides and children's game in this location as well as fine sea waves for swimming. This makes this beach save and comfortable for children and family. Others supporting facilities like, food seller and fresh fish traders around the place can be found during your visit.

Barane beach is located not far from trans Sulawesi Banggae Majene. To reach the beach, we only need about 30 minutes from Majene town by private vehicles or public transportation. Do not worry about the condition of the road, because the road is already good enough to go through.

If you are visiting this beach by using public transportation, you can ride Angkot or Pete petefrom Majene, destination to Polman and we stop at the intersection near to Unsulbar campus. From this stop, we can ride Ojek for about 1Km or it take 15 minutes to go to the beach.





01-10-2017, 00:59
Im going up to OR in a couple on months, Im staying at a place called Bullards Beach. Has anybody ridden up there?