View Full Version : Balla Peu Village. Mamasa

20-07-2016, 17:27
Balla Peu village is located in Balla district. This tourism village is recommended for all visitors who want to visit Mamasa, especially for visitors who want to know more about Mamasa culture. Here, we will find 100 of traditional houses which completed with rice barns in front of the house. While, the village is located on 1400 above sea level. So, we need a bit of struggle to reach this village, but after we arrive, the tiredness will just paid off.

The visitors will astonished by the architecture style of the traditional houses. They also will be warmly greeted by local people that live humble in this mountainous village. This wonderful village is often visited by many foreign tourists.
Another wonderful thing of this village is the local product of 'Tenun' or weaving cloth; this is one of hand-weaving fabrics from Indonesia. The women in this village doing the weaving activity with typical motifs of the tribe. Moreover, there are several choices of souvenir that you can find in this village. The visitors can buy those souvenirs with affordable prices.

Balla Peu has meaning as an area that being opened by burning the land and naturally overgrown by vegetables. The fact is that this place is very fertile and rich in culture. Hence, the government decide it as tourism village, and being nominated as an International cultural heritage.