View Full Version : Liang Tedong Tedong, An Ancient Storage For The Death

20-07-2016, 17:20
Liang Tedong-Tedong is located in Buntuballa, Balla sub-district. Liang Tedong-Tedong is a container storage for a corpse (Erong). This wooden tomb aged hundreds of years, and there are 19 units available; there is a boat-shaped and some are in the form of buffalo storage (Tedong). Erong has 70-120 cm in diameter, has a length of 2-3 m and 1-2 m high and made of local wood grade one (Uru).

The tomb is located alongside a ravine which is expected to be cautious when heading towards the venue. In addition, when we visiting this place there will be packs of bees as guardian of the tomb; it is suggested that we bring Sirih Pinang before entering the place and placed in front of the grave in the hope that the cemetery guards can receive the offering at the time of our visit. This is kind of local belief for such warn to be act politely and do not make any harm.

According to the story, in the past there was a flood that hit the valley, all of tedong tedong old burial tomb dan all old wood is washed away by the river water. However, during the flood the tombs that been swapt away was surprisingly went back to the previous place, except one wooden tomb that drifted apart until Messawa sub-district. Those Tedong-Tedong cemetery are listed as national heritages.