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14-07-2016, 11:25
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Edu Travel Selamat Pagi Madura is still packed with visitors. Many people will be curious about the new tourist attractions. Society still crowded tourist spots this whole corn. For those of you who want to bring their child to travel while learning does not hurt to try a trip to SPM Pamekasan.

One of the rides are quite well known, namely the "Hill of Love". A hill that has a ladder-shaped of heart/love. From the hilltop love, Selamat Pagi Madura visitors could jump from a height to enjoy the game Flaying Fox. Are you curious enough? Want to play flaying fox? Hurry up go travel to Bukit Cinta area Edu Travel Selamat Pagi Madura.

Located near the heart of the City Pamekasan, travel area is quite easy to reach. Tourism SPM addresses precisely on Jl. Power Lawangan north MAN 1 Pamekasan. or if the direction arek LANCOR take toward Jokotole ( straight to the east toward Sumenep ). SMA Negeri 2 Pamekasan -junction turn left and continue straight towards MAN 1 Pamekasan approximately 700 meters north of MAN 1 Pamekasan.

To access the SPM 's own Edu Travel passable two cars in the opposite direction. So, when you come by using private vehicles such as cars and motorcycles do not need to worry anymore. However, for my friends who plan to arrive by public transportation apparently still not available.

With an area of ​​about 2 hectares enough to accommodate various types of tourist rides in it such as: The pool for children, Swimming fishing, Archery Area, Bukit Cinta, Flying Fox, Play Ground, Riding Area, Flowers Gardens, Food Court, and many more.