View Full Version : Enjoy the Beauty Northern Coast Slopeng Beach, Sumenep

12-07-2016, 17:52

Slopeng beach is one of the Northern Coast in Sumenep besides Lombang beach, the beach is located in Dasuk district, 21 km from the City Centre of Sumenep. This beach has its own characteristics which are quite mounting expanse of sand decorated with palm trees, coconut trees and fir shrimp, so that the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the northern coast of Madura's from the hills belonging to these ramps.

How to get there:

To get to Slopeng beach, the tourists can pass some of the access roads of Northern coast route of Sumenep regency. Such access can be passed from Lombang beach - Legung - Slopeng beach pass by pass road being built by the government. or it could also be through Sumenep - Ambunten - Slopeng beach. The beach is located about 21 km from Sumenep town toward the North. To reach the site, travelers can use public transportation, rental car, or a motorcycle taxi takes about one hour drive. If you live outside of Madura, you can through the Suramadu bridge to reach Sumenep town.