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12-07-2016, 09:38
Benteng Kuto Panji

As one of the historical assets keeping many mystical stories, both myth and history, Kuto Panji Fortress holds specific appeal especially in its history to visitors. There are many versions of it strongly related to Chinese Empire. A story of a ruler named Bong Khiung Fu has a similarity to it. Bong ruled in a small administration in Belinyu and had a beautiful daughter named Bong Lili or Princess Chok Tian.

Bong Khiung Fu was a good ruler in Tibet-China. However, because he refused to pay some money as a tribute to tyrannical Chinese emperor, he was sentenced to death by the emperor. He, along with his daughter and army, went away from the mainland China across ocean. They loaded all their wealth onto several big and small Chinese ocean-going junks. They also took key-lime with them as an anti-sea sick plant which is an expensive and rare plant in Indonesia nowadays.