View Full Version : Wonosobo Suspension Bridge is Ready To Hypnotize The Visitors

01-07-2016, 12:07

The suspension bridge tourism object is located in Slukatan, Mojotengah district, Wonosobo not only hypnotize the old quarters alone. However, students are also attracted by the uniqueness of the suspension bridge natural beauty on the hilly region.

The most ever visited the suspension bridge Slukatan are mostly students. For the most number of visitors are holidays. Because, every week is able to reach dozens of people. The number of visitors has occurred in recent years. Because, it nearly 30 people in one day.

To be able to enjoy the suspension bridge, the visitor is free of fee. It only being charged for the parking of vehicles.
A total of 500 people were involved in the construction of an iron suspension bridge 62 meters long and weighing up to 8 tons. By involving villagers hopes to reduce unemployment in the region.

The intensive infrastructure activities that are tailored to the needs and potential of the local community, or known as labor-intensive development based on local resources. The infrastructure development program will improve the welfare of the people and accelerate the flow of economic and trade of agricultural and plantation commodities featured community.