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30-06-2016, 17:53

Arosbaya sub-district is one of the many districts in Bangkalan. Consists of 18 Village / Sub the area is reached approximately 42.45 km2 or 4,245 ha with a height of about 4 m above sea level. In this Arosbaya there Blacksmiths are processed into a variety of goods in a way that is forged using a manual fire and formed according to the person who forges iron. But not many people who work as Blacksmith, only a few are surviving.

Beside that, there are places Nature Limestone is very cool. Several former Limestone Mine the left pattern sculpture is quite beautiful and this is likely not recognized by local people that what they are doing during this indirectly creates the natural attractions that are pretty good. Perhaps because already accustomed to be there, or are often viewed sculpture ended up not much notice as one of the attractions to be reckoned with.

Already many people / photographers who upload the results of hunting photoshoot in the village of Limestone Mine Buduran in social media like Instagram, facebook or twitter than that this place is sometimes made ​​to Prewedding couples getting married and seemed to be in nature which is different than usual.

The colour of Limestone in the village is a little different located in Limestone Nature Jaddih - Socah. If the village Jaddih white base color, while in Limestone Arosbaya tend to brown. For some reason what makes the basic color is different whether natural factors or no difference limestone in terms of type and strength as a foundation or walls of the house.

15-08-2017, 11:42
This is very cool.

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