View Full Version : Rumah Keong has Become An Unique Selfie Spot, East Belitung

29-06-2016, 15:59

Rumah Keong, or Rumah Rotan ( Dum ) exactly in front of primary Replication Laskar Pelangi, Lenggang Village, Gantung district. A tourist spot a simple but meaningful and beautiful. Not only is there a snail house made ​​of rattan, but in the vicinity there is also a pier that juts and overlooking the River Lenggang.

Many visitors take a selfie with his family to capture the moment with home background conch / rattan using their mobile phones. According to the people that are around the area and the pier 's Rumah Keong has visitied of crowded around a few months later. The building is part of the development of new tourist attractions in the village Lenggang.

One tourist areas Lenggang village, is now complete with the existence of such objects, tourists may go to Replication SD Rainbow Warriors, Museum Kata Andrea Hirata, Rumah Keong building ( Dum ), and pice dam. All aim to make a family recreation and to enjoy the public, just for photograph / Selfies and release the fatigue during a stint running daily activities .


05-07-2016, 17:56
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