View Full Version : Rawon Kalkulator, Surabaya

29-06-2016, 15:30

Warung Sedap Malam is the name of the stall that located in Taman Bungkul, Surabaya. Taman Bungkul is one of Surabaya city parks that always crowd for visitors at night. Behind the park, there are lines of street stalls that sell numbers of Surabaya typical foods. One of the popular menus are Rawon.

Rawon Kalkulator is may be just the same rawon with others, the taste is savory and spicy because of the meat broth and the condiments like Empal or fried meat, Tempe, fried Paru and shrimp crackers. The thing that differentiate Rawon Kalkulator from others is taken from the way of the seller counting the bills from groups of customer. They do not use calculator or any device retaled, but only manually counting with fast track. What they do is always making jaw-dropping among the customers.