View Full Version : Lampu Island, North Gorontalo

23-06-2016, 16:01
Pulau Lampu or Lamp Island is a small island that is organized into a beautiful resort in North Gorontalo. The island is located just behind Saronde Island. Lampu Island is an island that is very well known to residents of Bangka and now the prestige of this tiny island has reached across the nation and even abroad.

The fame of this Island that located in the northern part of Bangka holds abundance of charms. Any tourists who come to visit this island will be guaranteed to be satisfied and will never forget his experience on the island.
The name of Lampu or Lamp Island comes from the lighthouse that guides the fishing vessels and other cruise ships. The existence of this lighthouse is also becomes one tourist attraction that is very popular. At certain times, tourists can go into the lighthouse tower to see the environment and take some pictures of video.

Lampu Island is still very clear, with dazzling blue and greenish nuance and tourists can penetrate the underwater scene directly with the naked eyes. Seeing the rich marine diverse and colorful fishes that swim will able to relieve the stress during the busy days.

The beautiful cliffs are also can be seen from the surface of the sea; the island is also covered with beautiful white sand that is very soft and fine. There are some activities that can be carried by tourists, like fishing and jet ski riding. If tourists want to see the beauty of the existing marine life and underwater things, they can do diving and snorkeling activities.