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23-06-2016, 15:48
Settled in a vulcanic area, makes Gorontalo has lots of natural hot water springs. One of the more famous natural hot water springs in Gorontalo that always been visited by tourists is Lombongo Hot Water Spring that opened in 1989. It located in Duwono village, Suwana Subdistrict about 17 kilometers from Gorontalo city. This ecotourism spot consists of one cool water pool and one hot water pool of 500 square meters with a depth of one to two meters.

The Lombongo Hot water Pools are unique in their beautiful scenery: there are streams of cool mountain water and various types of green trees which will make bathing here even more relaxing. The water that springs from between the rocks is believed to heal skin disease. This water of very high temperature can also be used to boil eggs.

At the Pools are also events of traditional arts organized by the Tourism Service of Bone Bolango District. If you plan it right you can both enjoy submerging in hot water and marveling at the local traditional art performances.
The Lombongo Hot water Pools is located about 17 kilometers from Gorontalo city. You can go to location by car or public transportation such as ojek.