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22-06-2016, 17:20
Petik laut ceremony is an annual ceremony which is held by the Situbondo fisherman as a thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bless and kindness from the harvest sea times and safety during fishing time regarding the storm and blizzard.
This ritual is always being attended by thousand fisherman groups, especially from Panarukan. The ceremony itself is nowadays become more modern, starring by artists, traditional performances, music performances, Dangdut orchestra and Gandrung Banyuwangi. There is also “Pengajian” competion, games and sort of.

The main ritual from “Petik Laut” Ceremony is floating the 'Sesaji' in the middle of the sea, 'Sesaji' is the things to be dedicated to the God, it is contain of foods, rice, spices, but the most important is Cow's head. The 'sesaji' boat, is already been prayed of before floated in the middle of the sea. This ceremony is a kind of cultural and national heritage, but the things done by the local society, including the fund. The local inhabitants are also the contributors for this ceremony. The inhabitants believe by doing this ceremonial will save the fisherman while they are fishing toward storm and will have more bless and harvest.