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21-06-2016, 17:07
Internatio Building or Internationale Crediten Handelvereeniging, is located in the corner of Heerenstraat and Willemsplein, which is now called Jayengrono Street, Surabaya. It precisely near to Jembatan Merah station and Jembatan Merah Plaza This area is considered as the busy area in Surabaya.
This building had been built in 1929 by Biro Aristech AIA (Algemeen Ingenieurs en Architecten Bureau) that in Sumatrastraat 59 Surabaya.

The architect was Ir.Frans Johan Louwrens Ghijsels who bear in 1882 to realize this building. The other masterpiece was:
- NV Nederlandsch Indische Handelsbank in 1926
- Surabaya Eye Hospital Oendaanstraat, Aniem building in Embong Woengoe.
This tan building has two stars, which is still seen firm and steady standing among the modernization and seems to tell everyone that it was already seen many things from ancient time.

Initially the Internatio Building or Internationale Crediten Handelvereeniging was a company which means roughly "Rotterdam" International Association of Commercial and credit. Yes, in this building used to be one of management trading house duringDutch colonial period. Important to know that Internatio company was a company that was established in 1863 to 1970. The company was formed by cotton producers in Twente and engaged in trade financing.

Internatio Building was become the headquarters of the 49th Force Commander Brigade to the UK, which landed in Surabaya on October 25, 1945. Indonesian people are occupying the building afterwards. It is said that this two-storey building is now reportedly managed by PT Tjipta Commerce or PT Aneka Niaga, although there seemed no activity in it, since few years ago. Another story about this building is known as a driver of investment inflow. The building is not merely a symbol of the triumph of Dutch colonization, but also their efforts to attract investors to invest in Java. A snicely capitalism performance has shown long ago by the Dutch through this building. At ancient time, this Internatio building was most magnificent building in Surabaya.





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That's one of those places you never forget! Thanks for the older photos of it as well. Just looking at these photos makes me want to go pack my suitcase!!

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