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15-06-2016, 17:14
Pendopo Agung or Great Hall, is one of the locations of existing sites in Trowulan. This building is a pavilion building or meeting hall with Joglo shape, typical of Java.building.

This pendopo was built during 1964-1973 by V Brawijaya Military Command, which is located in the hamlet Nglinguk, Village Sentonorejo, Trowulan. It is estimated, the construction of the pavilion is replicated from the Great Hall of the Majapahit Kingdom which stands in the same location, and also where Mahapatih Gajah Mada said his promise that popular as Sumpah Palapa.

In the Majapahit era, this Pendopo was a special building that functioned as a place of artistic performances. Part of the original building that remains from the Great Hall is just 26 pieces pedestals (stone pillar buffer), while the Great Hall building which now stands a new building. In front of the Great Hall, on the left, there is a statue of the Mahapatih, and in front of the hall there is a statue of Raden Wijaya.




http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9-IbGsmfrj0/UTSMUds3BXI/AAAAAAAADoo/PO08MnvG5e4/s1600/BUKTI+PEMERINTAHAN+AMIN+Pendopo+Agung+Ponorogo+yan g+megah+dan+mentereng.jpg