View Full Version : Kesiman Temple, Mojokerto

15-06-2016, 17:00
Kesiman temple in Mojokerto, East Java offers a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains. One of the reliefs in the temple is about Amerta or holy water which is said to make a person immortal and can not die. Situated in the hamlet Kesiman, Central Kesiman Village, District Pacet, this historical building stands firmly on the hill. The building is named Candi Kesiman, as same as the name of the village. The temple building surrounded by colorful flowers and barbed wire fence. On the outside, the expanse of onion and rice fields are line up.

It located about 500 meters from Jalan Raya Pacet-Gondang and 200 meters from the village main road. To reach the site, visitors will explore the narrow streets more like a muddy rice field. The location of the temple is located on the hillside.