View Full Version : The Right Place For Diving and Snorkeling: Samber Gelap Island - South Kalimantan

10-06-2016, 17:06

Samber Gelap Island is one of the islands in the province of South Kalimantan precisely in the east of the island of Sebuku, Kotabaru. Not as scary as the name implies, the island has a superb beautiful view. The white sand beaches and gentle, as well as crystal clear sea water coupled with sky blue, turtle breeding, reef that are still preserved, the island's ecosystem is still awake is extremely indulgent eye.

If the traveler wants to Samber Dark Island, then can use the speedboat from Port Ocean County Batulicin takes about 2 hours drive. But if searchers from Banjarmasin then it will take much longer about approximately 12 hours of travel. Starting with a trip to pagatan about 5 hours later connected by boat to the island during the 8 hour trip.

The travelers can also get the place by land or air. If you choose a landline you can depart from Terminal 6 Banjarmasin kilometer bus ride majors Kotabaru while you ride the air line flight to Kotabaru Syamsudin Noor Airport. From Banjarmasin to Kotabaru takes about 8 hours of travel, given the journey that quite a long time I propose you to ride Bus executive class. You will be dropped off at Terminal Stagen Kotabaru.

From here you have to ride public transportation into the city. After reaching the city look at Kotabaru harbor or pier fishing. The journey from Kotabaru to the island can be reached using the Samber Gelap Speedboat takes about 3 hours. Can also ride a fishing boat with a travel time of about 4 hours. Pier fishing boats near Kotabaru market, motor boats that usually deliver tourists to the island bearing the Samber Gelap motor ship "Bahagia".

The white sand beaches and is very gentle, the waves were not great, and the crystal clear sea water make this one being the island looks very beautiful. Samber Gelap island also has underwater scenery is very admirable, it is not surprising if the place is a favorite of diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Samber Gelap Island also has a turtle conservation, so it can be an additional alternative for the development of tourism. The sea turtle conservation and is expected to also be maintained because the tours are "sold" is a population of turtle nesting activity. At night searchers can also see turtles while laying.

For facilities and accommodation Samber Gelap Island is not complete yet. If you want to stay then you can stay at local people residents, because there is not a lot of lodging. In addition searchers can also set up a tent on the shore, but searchers need permission in advance if you want to set up a tent. And the travelers should always keep around. Samber Gelap Island already there are several stalls sell food and drink, so searchers do not need to worry.