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10-06-2016, 16:40
Karangsari Village, Sukorejo district, Blitar Regency is famous by its Star fruit or Belimbing. Karangsari star fruit has particular characteristic, which is the shape and the taste. Karangsari star fruit has jumbo size while the taste is sweeter than any other star fruit. It covered with yellow smooth refreshing skin, belimbing Karangsari has its own tasty. Star fruit Karangsari grows among the society, that is why the growth of this plantation is increase and become the living life for the local inhabitants.

The early begin, it said that, there was a visitor who came by to Blitar and bring the seed of this fruit. The star fruit was coming from Bangkok starfruit type, one of famous type of star fruit from Philippine. Then, the local inhabitant tried to cultivate this plant until present time. From those times remain, Blitar city has become a city with star fruit as their one of living commodities.

The consumer demand for this star fruit is improve and increase, the most distributor for star fruit is coming from Karangsari, Blitar and being distribute to other area like Surabaya, Semarang and Jakarta.





14-09-2017, 19:44
I love star fruit on Agrowisata Belimbing Karangsari (https://jelajahblitar.com/item/agrowisata-belimbing-karangsari-blitar/) ! You need to pay about IDR 10K to enterance and enjoy star fruit as you want inside the garden